Personal powerplants!

Micro-CHP solutions for private and commercial operations.

BioGen Woodlog Power and Heat solutions

The solution for staying powered and warm in remote places using local available wood

Seebeck is the official distributor for Microgen Engine Corporation in Estonia!

  • Simultaneous production of power and heat   
  • Based on a local available energy source: wood logs! 
  • For On and Off Grid situations. As a standalone or backup system.
  • Multi voltages and output currents possible (DC/AC) 
  • Simple operation with very little maintenance.  And no maintenance for the Stirling Power Unit


MicrogenID.JPG Official reseller of Microgen Engine Corporation Holding BV in Estonia


"Photovoltaic", which works day and night - by using heat!


Producing electricity does not have to be complicated. Today, technologies exist, which allow us to generate sufficient electricity right there where it is consumed. It gives us the ability to live and work Off-Grid! Our autonomous micro cogeneration (CHP) plants help you to free yourself from the central electricity grid.

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Solutions for private and professional use



  • Output electricity: 700-900W (max 1050W), 50 – 60Hz, 230V AC
  • Output heat: 20kW (100L filling, water temperature 90C)
  • Dimensions: 180cm X 60cm X 85cm 
  • Cleaning: Once a week. The Stirling engine is maintenance free.
  • Noise level: max 48 +- 2 (A), one meter distance 
  • Fuel: wood logs, diameter max 15 -25 cm, max length 50 cm
  • Overall efficiency: 85%

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Thermoelectric generator

  • Suitable for home usage (<5kWel)
  • Electrical efficiency ca 5%
  • Silent
  • Compact (400x400x1200mm)
  • Modular design. Easy to upgrade
  • Maintenance once a year
  • Lifespan up to 20 years

Wood gas generator

  • Suitable for production facilities, farms (30-45kWel)
  • Electrical efficiency 25%
  • Heating power 80-120kWth
  • Modular design
  • Service 4 times a year
  • Lifespan 20 years

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